Monday, December 30, 2013

If Only...

Years ago, I watched the movie "Fate is the Hunter" about the crash of an airliner. The plane was making an emergency landing on a beach and had almost come to a stop when it struck a pier and exploded, killing almost everyone. If only the plane could have stopped a few feet earlier, all would have survived.

I always think about that scene when some random accident happens. On Christmas Day, a young man in Ottawa was killed when a deer flew through his windshield. Another car hit the deer and it flew through the air hitting the other car and killing the man. If only he had been driving a little bit slower or a little bit faster.

If only...

Fast forward to last Friday. I was driving to Toronto which had just experienced a fierce ice storm, many without power over Christmas. As I drove along the highway, snow was flying off cars, SUVs and trucks. But the temperature was rising and things were melting. All that ice lying on top of transports and big vans coming loose.

Almost to Toronto, I saw many brake lights ahead so decided to change lanes. As I was 3/4 of the way into the left lane, something hit the right mirror of my car shattering the outer covering. I assumed it was a chunk of ice.
I was mad. Mad that my car was damaged. Mad that the driver far ahead hadn't cleaned the ice off his vehicle. Mad that if I had been faster changing lanes I'd still have an intact mirror.

Then it dawned on me that I had subconsciously made the decision to change lanes. If I hadn't moved to the left at that exact moment the chunk of ice would have collided with my windshield head on. I am sure the windshield would have shattered causing who knows what damage not only to my car but to me. The mirror works perfectly but it is now naked with wires exposed. Just the plastic covering needing to be replaced. But what a hassle now to get estimates, repair and see if our insurance will cover the damage.

But I am alive. I was able to continue my visit and drive home in a warm car.

Sometimes when I'm in a hurry and get stuck at a light, I sometimes wonder if it is actually a good thing. A few seconds delay and I've missed an accident or other disaster.

I can't say I believe in fate, that I was destined to have a chunk of ice hit my car. Accidents happen, but I'm sure I will still be saying quite a lot: "If only..."


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Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I'm glad you are okay!

Darlin1 said...

Great way to look at it..........!


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