Friday, June 6, 2014

The Truth about Cats and Dogs and Pets

I don’t have pets. I didn't have a pet as a kid, except for that poor male gerbil which promptly gave birth to a bunch of little gerbils that all died. I think (s)he ate some of them. My kids had a couple of goldfish which ended up down the toilet. There was also short-haired male guinea pig which turned out to be a long haired variety. He slept all day and played at night. And died the night before our cottage vacation. Guess he didn't like the lake.

Really people at the Pet Store. Can you just stop lying to me!

My best friend has always had a dog in her life. She is single, retired and dogs have always been there for her, keeping her company, forcing her to get outside and walk and giving unconditional love. She also cares for her daughter’s Chihuahua sometimes. The licking and dog kisses kinda gross me out.

We did have a cat for a couple of years. My daughter’s cat, Elliot. While she was getting settled and her house was being built. I would love to have a cat again but hubby is allergic and it bothers his asthma and breathing.

But he moved to his new house a couple of years ago. The cat that is. I cried when he left.
Elliot in gentler times
Shortly afterwards, my niece called and frantically asked if maybe, just maybe would I take her cat. She had just given birth to a little boy and it seems the cat was stressed a bit too much around the new baby and his older sister. Or lets say, it stressed out the family. 

So against my better judgement I said yes. But only until things calmed down, then she would have to take the cat back. Thus Fiona arrived at my house, within 30 minutes, all sorts of cat paraphernalia trailing after her. They told my grand-niece that Fiona was going to cat camp.
Fiona permanently at cat camp
This looked a bit too permanent and Hubby was thoroughly pissed and threatened to kill the cat (not really!). But once Fiona stepped in the house, he did a 180 and thought it was a good idea to keep her forever. She's a Blue Russian rescue cat. You could pick her up and cuddle for hours. And she slept all the time. 

But our relationship was not meant to last. Remember Elliot. Well daughter thought it would be good for him to have a playmate, so one week later, Fiona left to live with Elliot. She has not returned. They played and had fun. And like any good woman, she was the boss.
Elliot and Fiona-Best Friends
But Elliot was a bit of a psycho cat. You couldn’t just pick him up so we’d just wait for the time when he would crawl up in our laps for some stroking and purring. As time went on he became more intense and vicious. He had to be tranquilized to go to the vet. The tough decision was made to put him down. I still get sad thinking about his time on this earth. Here is the post I wrote.

Which leaves me with no cat at all. And hubby says we can’t get another one.

Because he’s allergic and it bothers his asthma and breathing.

I now act like a crazy grandmother when I visit my grand-daughter and Fiona the cat at my daughter's house. I buy them both toys and cuddle with them. Here's a photo of Fiona from last Christmas. Looks like she's thinking what is this thing you puts me in?
Fiona. Christmas cat.
Good news is I get Fiona for a few weeks this summer while daughter vacations in Newfoundland. Pets do tie you down, especially figuring out what to do with them while on vacation.

And one day, perhaps I will have a cat of my own.


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Nancy J said...

In our lives, cats, dogs and others come and go, for glad times and sad. Yes, cats can be nasty, and while there is something so special about a friendly cat, the others, well, just plain hard work or more. I totally understand how you felt about Elliot, maybe he was always unhappy and that was how he showed it. We have had 5 cats here, some died, some went, others visited. Each with their own special nature. Maybe one day Sandy, a cat will choose you. Cheers, Jean.

Deb said...

Hi Sandy - I just popped over here from someone else's blog (already can't remember who :-b) and I laughed all through this post. And I could not believe how much Fiona looks like our Audrey. I guess our Audrey has some Russian Blue in her genes. Anyway, thought I'd say hi and I see you aren't far from me (Carleton Place) so if you ever decide to get a cat I know of many local rescues that can help you out. Deb

Richard said...

LOL Sandy, this morning I read a blog and this was a joke that I think is of circumstance: I had to get rid of my husband. The cat was allergic.

I had a friend who was allergic to cat and he got a Sphynx Cat Breed, it’s a really ugly cat, but since it’s hairless, it’s perfect for anyone with allergy. The cat was very affectionate (my guess is since its ugly it compensates ha ha ha) and the whole family love their cat! Beware, I saw the cat only once and I still have nightmare :)

Jody V said...

Aaawww. You're a great cat G-Ma!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What a fun post! I really enjoy your writing; you always include some humour in it.

These animals take up a huge space in our hearts no matter how long they stay. I didn't have pets as a kid, either, besides some goldfish, so I was excited to be able to have cats in my adult years. We have two right now, and thankfully, no one is allergic.

Visiting them doesn't sound like such a bad thing. No responsibilities, just the fun stuff. Like grandchildren. You get to love them, spoil them, play with them...and then hand them back to the parents for all the serious business. I think I'm going to like that if I'm fortunate enough to have grandbabies.

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